Cool down Aussies, let bat and ball talk!

Australia captain Steve Smith

Steve Smith the visiting Australian team’s captain has been quoted to have said in today’s newspapers [Deccan Herald – 15/02/17] – “Individuals to decide on verbal warfare”.

“I think each of our individual plays the way they want to play, If they want to get to the battle verbally,if they get the best out of them, then [ I say] go for it.”  It’s about making sure they have the right mindset as individuals to go out and succeed.”

He say’s, paradoxically- “ In the end it’s about us playing on skills and making sure they are in the best place to succeed in these conditions.”

Australian’s cricketers have been known to be aggressive and known to play the game the hard way with no quarter given. They have always been verbally abusive on the field through their in famous sledging tactics. These are mind games meant to break the confidence& concentration of the opposition, especially that of the batsman. The `monkey gate scandal’ and many other incidents reminds us of  sledging and the episodes surrounding it.

The teams visiting down under’ have always borne the brunt of this verbal onslaught. If Cricket is a game of physical skills then why should it be a game of `slang and sledge.’ If you want be mentally stronger and tougher so be it – show it through your execution and performance with out entering in to a verbal duel with your opponents. That is what cricket was known for- a fair game. Through ages it has been a gentleman’s game.

Steve Smith has contradicted his own statement by saying `in the end it will broil down to skills.”

Then why sledge? Cool down Aussie and let your bat and ball do the talking!


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