Heard of Marvan Atapattu-the Sri Lankan cricketer: if you are a cricket enthusiast then you must have. His story is one of perseverance, resilience and a never-give- up- attitude.

Making his debut in test cricket for Sri Lanka he was out to 0 in both innings. As a result he was dropped for the next test. He went back to domestic cricket made lots of runs and got a recall after 21 months.

This time around he made 0 & 1- failure. Same result- dropped from the test squad. He had to prove himself all over again. He went back to the grind and finally after a gap of 17 months gets another chance to prove his prowess.

The duck luck didn’t seem to have deserted him: he was out to 0 in both innings. Oh! No! Not again- dropped from the team instantly.

Many thought he wouldn’t play for Sri Lanka gain- but Marvan was not willing to give up: he was patient and perseverant, worked hard, made runs and after 3 years won a recall to the test team.

This time he came good and scored. He became a permanent feature of the Sri Lankan side from then on and scored more than 5000 runs with 16 centuries and 6 double centuries. He even captained his country.

What I admire about Marvan Atapattu is his resilience- the ability to bounce back from setbacks, mistakes and adversity.

You see that players are dropped from their team owing to poor performance and it is often the case to see them disappointed, devastated, and de-motivated. It is a common feature with sports persons to be haunted by defeats, setbacks, injuries and adversities in their careers.

You have seen the Yuvraj’s, Raina’s, Dinesh karthik’s, Nehra’s, Harbajan’s staging comeback’s in to the Indian cricket team.  It is even common to see players bounce back in to the match when they are staring at defeat.

To start over all again prove yourself back to reckoning is daunting task but sports persons do it all the time as it is the case of: a chosen career, an unfulfilled ambition or the unwillingness to give up all the glitz, glamour, name, fame and money that is associated with their sport.

You have also seen many athletes return from injuries to be highly successful then on. For all those who have made successful comebacks there have been thousands of athletes who have failed to bounce back.

It is in this in-between period that players go through a lot of turmoil- they think negatively, they doubt themselves, they lose their hope and above all they are not ENTHUSIASTIC enough to work hard, set goals, renew their hope and give their best shot. When your drive [motivation] is on the wane it is very difficult to push yourself to push hard and go through the GRIND all over again.

All you have to do is to be ENTHISIASTIC about your prospects of staging a successful comeback. Your enthusiasm fuels THE DRIVE to set goals, work hard, to be determined and achieve the desired objective.

Your enthusiasm will set up a sense of heightened feeling that would provide the interest to work towards your goals. You will feel the need to get up each morning and slog it out before the sun rises. Be ENTHUSIASTIC with regard to your future endeavours: let it provide the fuel for your legs, fire in the belly and a dash of hope for your brain.

If you are not enthusiastic at your age what would you say of Charles Eugster who started running at 95 years of age? Watch this video-



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