What is your style?

Since childhood I have seen the world of film, music and sports industry flaunt several names that have gone on become icons in their respective professions.

The names that I can easily recall are- Robert De Niro, Marlon Brando, Brad Pitt, Clint Eastwood, Burt Reynolds, Jean Paul Belmondo, Sean Connery, Roger Moore, Michael Caine, Audrey Hepburn, Sophia Loren, Marilyn Monroe, Amitabh Bhachan, Shatrugan Sinha, Dev Anand, Sharukh Khan, Rajnikanth, KamalHasan,Dr Rajkumar, Vishnuvardhan, Aishwarya Rai, Sushmita Sen, Priyanka Chopra to Deepika Padukone from the movie Industry. Bob Dylan, Elvis Presley, and Michael Jackson from the music industry and Nawab of Pataudi, David Beckam, Bjorn Borg, Arnold Parmer, Yuvraj Singh, Maria Sharapova, Virat Kohli from the sports industry- to name a few.

I have wondered what it was that made them so famous that the whole young generation followed them, endorsed them, copied them, and adored them: that they became proud possessions in their hearts.

I understand that though they are different individuals their unique way of expression and mannerisms pleased the common people to become their die-hard fans.

Their unique way of expression has become their Style– the unique way of doing things. It could simply be with their stylish ways of expression or the way they dressed or carried themselves.

Style is an individual expression in motor action. No two athletes are alike in different factors which determine motor action.

I found this apt explanation of style in www.indianfootballonline.com [Indraneel Ghosh] –Each athlete because of his/her particular psychic, physical and biological capacities realises the technique in different manner. This is his style.

As sports enthusiasts we can remember seeing several of our favourite players like G.R.Vishwanath, Sunil Gavaskar, Brian Lara, David Gower, Michael Holding, Roger Federer, Rahul Dravid, Mark Waugh, Sourav Ganguly and now Rohit Sharma- their play that looked so graceful and elegant: that always seemed smooth, with effortless ease- devoid of strain.

Their actions were so pleasing to the eyes that the commentators remarked`a treat to the eyes: it was worth going miles to watch.’

The individualistic forms of expression have their presence in – Leadership: referred to as Leadership styles [Modi is quite different from Manmohan Singh, so are Virat and Dhoni]. In Coaching – referred to as Coaching styles- wherein each coach has his own way of teaching and communicating.

Ravi Shastri is different from Anil Kumble as a coach. Likewise a person’s behaviour, his responses to people and situations becomes his own characteristic and style. Vivian Richards and Virat Kohli are aggressive characters – that’s their style.

Michael Clarke speaking about the recent decline in performance of the Australian side during a TV commentary discussion quipped- The Aussies have always been aggressive on the field be it with sledging or fighting hard – that was their style– which this Australian side has failed to be. So Style can go well with Individual’s/ teams’ attitude and character.

Many sporting stars have been style icons for the fashion Industry be it Virat, Dhoni, Sindhu, Sania, Saina, Maria Sharapova or Yuvraj Singh as they are commonly seen endorsing various brands. They have a way in their dressing and presentation off the field too, that is clearly a fashion statement these days.

Rickie Fowler one of the top ten golfers in the world is a multi- faceted person: a fashionable guy is seen sporting bright colours like orange on the golf course during the PGA’s – that’s his Style.  Speaking to USA TODAY he said- I feel the way I dress and go about my way and handle myself on the golf course reflects who I am.

Johan Cruyff has been rated as one of the top-10 footballers of all time. A favourite with the crowd wherever he went, he developed his own indomitable style that won him millions of fans all over the world. He once said- ` Winning is an important thing, but to have your own style, to have people copy you, to admire you – that is the greatest gift.’ Indeed, an immortal style statement.   


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